What is RPA and what is automation?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is the technology that enables software ‘robots’ to carry out repetitive, rule-based digital tasks. Humans typically perform these tasks through the user interface, using the mouse and keyboard. RPA robots are capable of mimicking the human actions, and they are typically more accurate, faster, and more consistent at it.

Combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI), RPA can target more sophisticated work. This opens up endless possibilities on the path towards the fully automated enterprise.

Automation is a term that describes more accurately these possibilities that exceed the sphere of basic RPA. Sometimes we use these two terms interchangeably, given that RPA is still at the core of automation.

What are the benefits?

Helps your company or organisation to starts the digital transformation without changing your business process and we mean by that you do not need to change the overall structure of your business but instead the Robots takes over part of the tasks. RPA can accelerate these processes, for example by moving data from scanned documents into digital applications, freeing the human in charge of this task to perform more high-value activities.

How automation looks like for the user

RPA robots can handle tasks just as humans do. Only much faster and with more accuracy. In the following video, you’ll discover how a call center, uses automation to start the day faster and to improve customer experience.