A few things we’re great at

Live Tec I/S is an IT Solution provider company within innovation and technology. We expert in Consultancy, IT System Strategy & Planning by advising organizations on how to best use Information Technology in achieving their business objectives. We estimate, manage, implement, deploy and administer IT systems, maintenance after deploy on behalf of client organizations that are not IT-savvy. Understand clients IT challenges, identify the business needs, plan out the resources for different projects, manage clients IT project life-cycle are our expertise. Our structured projects, quality, development methodologies, platform and tools are tailored to client’s unique business and technical needs. 

Continuous service

Superior in our field

Latest technology

Innovative solutions

A few things about how we work

We helping our customers to optimize and digitize their business. We can do that in 3 ways.

Customer idea

Some companies having the right team to find the best solution which optimize their business, but they do not have the means to get them fulfilled

Customer awareness of the pain

The persons in charge knows the problem and what can help the business to be optimized, but do not have the full insight of the digital world

We find the pain

The company wishes to get into the digital world but do not know their needs and what could be efficient for them

RPA is one of the things we do best

RPA (robotic process automation) can do the time consuming task from you. The robot’s essential job is toThe robot’s essential job is to make the company vision come true. In our approach to automation, we think of RPA as a long-range capability meant to empower organizations to evolve strategically and increase business value

Save time

The robot performe the task faster than a human and can work 24/7

precise work

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Handle more tasks

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Fast development

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Developing Applications is our core competences

Let our engineers turn your idea into reality following a smart yet delicate workflow shaped by 10+ years of our work

IOS and Andriod

We develop APPs that can be in Apple-store and Play-store

Web application

Web application can be normal website or application that runs in any browser in the net or specific network


We develop desktop application that can run in computer pc or several computers


We help our customers to develop solve it problems or develop an idea or just customize a solution that can be developed by another company


Our customers are the key of our success


Our partners gives us a solid fundation to give our customers the best solution and service

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